Scudder Name

The origin of the name Scudder is unknown. But Scudders like to believe that their name comes from the nautical term “Scud” – to sail full speed before the wind”. Scudder Stone

Therefore one who scuds is a Scudder.

Other possibilities include:

  • Scudder being a derivation from the Dutch, “Schutter”, shooter or marksman. Which may explain the 3 cannon balls on the crest.
  • Old English “Scutt”, which was an occupational name for a scout or spy. Also nickname for a swift runner.

Another less-likely definition is that the name derives from the Latin Scutari — shield bearer.

According to Burke’s General Armory, the coat-of-arms belonging to the Scudder Family is described as follows:

Gules on Fess or Three Pellets, in Chief as many Cinquefoils Argent.

Gules – or red denotes military fortitude and magnanimity. It is also the “Martry’s Color”.

Fess – A band, borne in the center of the shield; a military belt or girdle of honor.

Pellet – A Black Roundel, representing a cannon ball.

Chief – That which occupies the whole of the top and one-third of the total surface of the shield of arms. It, signifies dominion and authority. It has often been awarded for prudence and wisdom,as well as successful command in war.

The Scudder motto is “Nunquam Non Paratus” –  “Never Unprepared”.

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